10 Most Common Things Found In Gutters

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You might think that the only thing you are likely to see in your gutters are leaves. Well, you would be very wrong. Gutters are usually out of sight and out of mind, so who knows what’s truly lurking up their?

Well we are going to 10 of the most common things that you will find in your gutters, and this is why your gutters need cleaning!

#10 Kids Toys

Toys in gutter

You probably know how they get up there. We find all types of toy in the gutter, from action figures to rubber spiders that we normally poke with a stick to make sure they are not real!

Source: Toronto Eaves Troughing

#9 Tennis Balls

Tennis ball in gutter

Tennis balls are perfectly sized to fit in the gutter, especially the downpipe where they get stuck and stop water from being able to escape. Tennis balls in gutters can be found in any residential gutter and you are almost certain to see a ton of them causing problems in school gutters.

Source: http://brownbird-retiredinparadise

#8 Moss

moss in gutters

Moss is one of the most common things you will find in your gutters. Some roofs in particular is prone to continual moss growth which eventually ends up in the gutters, downpipes and drains. Unfortunately moss thrives in this environment and if you can see moss on your roof, then you can be sure of a continual stream of gutter blocking debris. Moss on the roof is harmless. Removing moss form the roof can actually cause more damage especially with the use of power washers and chemical solutions. It is much better to simply get your gutters cleaned on a routine basis. Once per year is the average requirement.

More information available here: National Federation Of Roofing Contractors

#7 Squirrels

Squirrel in gutter

If you live near trees, especially near woodland, then these little tyrants can use your guttering system to navigate around your home. In a lot of cases squirrels will try and find a way into your attic where it is nice and warm, perfect for breeding. Unfortunately, as nice as they look, it is usually not a nice experience sharing your home with squirrels. They are noise little creatures and they love to break and damage your guttering system. Thankfully there are things you can do to prevent this from happening. Gutter brush in particular is great at deterring squirrels and birds as well protecting your gutters from debris

Image source: www.midwestmultisportlife.com

Gutter Guards: www.guttercleaningpros.co.uk/gutter-guard

#6 Birds

bird nest in gutters

As well as squirrels, birds seem to love sharing your home with you. After all gutters seem like a great place to make a nest and bring up your young.

#5 Firework Debris

firework debris in gutters-

We fire tons of them up into the sky every year without fail. And the saying go’s, “what goes up, must come down!” Well, what ever is left of them anyway. The remnants of fireworks tend to land on your roof including the sticks you fire them from, which get washed and blown into the gutters.

Image Source: www.hbindependent.com

#4 Trees

tree in gutter

If grass and plants can grow in the gutter, then so can trees. Downpipes are the perfect place to lay down some roots, where else can you get an unlimited supply of water and sun? As you can see from the picture, the downpipe is blocked and the guttering system is being chewed up by the roots causing a good amount of damage. If you see one sprouting, it might be wise to get it out before you get to this stage.

#3 Grass

Grass in gutter

Everyone likes a nice lawn, but having a better lawn up in the gutters rather than on the back garden is not much use, and frankly quite annoying. A football pitch up in the gutters can be very difficult to get out, particularly because the grass is usually set in thick and it weighs a fair amount especially when it is wet. Grass in gutters can add a dramatic amount of weight to your guttering system which it is not designed to hold. It is worth keeping this in mind because the chances are, that you and your family walk underneath the guttering system on a daily basis, unaware of what potential could land on your head!

Further Reading: http://www.theanswerbank.co.uk/Home-and-Garden

#2 Silt

silt in gutters

The foundation for all gutter growth. You wouldn’t believe the amount of silt that weathers from your roof into your gutters every year. Not only does this put the gutter under added tension, but it also provides a fantastic environment for plants and trees to flourish!

Image Source: Gutter Tidy

#1 Leaves

leaves blocking gutters

Last but not least! The one that everyone thinks about. Typically most people wait until the leaves have dropped before they clean out the gutters. This is correct, however remember all of the other common things that can be found in the gutters that can be there at other times of the year. Leaves fall in Autumn, Plants and trees grow in the Spring and Summer and winter brings us plenty of wind, rain and snow!

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